Dylan James began my writing career. Being a media hog, he manages to find
his way into most of my novels. At times he plays a minor role, other times
he is only mentioned, but he enjoys the attention.
Since I never imagined writing a first novel, let alone a second, I have
gone back and made minor changes to this story to accommodate Dylan appearing
in future stories. My writing style has changed over the years, however I allowed my original style to remain in the changes.
Take a journey as Dylan and his band meet musical giants along the way with their own rise and fall in the music industry.
How far would go to tell the truth? Congressman George McAdams
made a promise to his dying grandfather to always tell the truth.
Now he must decide between exposing national secrets or move up
the political ladder. He has three days to decide while he sits in jail.
 width=Palm Beach has a legal problem. An attorney seeks moral justice.
A detective chases the attorney for legal justice,
while an aspiring FBI agent is on the path of True Justice.

It's easy to accuse. It's harder to prove. Agent Maddux is fighting time and the government
to discover why dead bodies are piling up in South Florida and money is flowing from the Treasury.

Special Agent Maddux has cleared the President of murder. Maddux must now investigate
who wanted the President in prison and why.
What Maddux uncovers could alter elections and
Washington forever.