What does success look like?

What does success or failure look like? What does it feel like or taste like? If I were to ask you to answer those questions, I’m sure I would get a variety of responses. Success could be as simple as putting a smile on another’s face to making the last payment on your mortgage. Recently, […]

What’s your handicap?

Recently, I paid for an online marketing class designed for fiction authors. It forced me to rethink many things, including changing my domain name, which I did. The new one now resides at michaelcantwellbooks.com and is almost complete. It led me to exploring the basics of WordPress to design the site, as well as learning […]

Why Learn Math?

For many years, I volunteered in schools coaching sports, teaching Jr. Achievement, and sitting on school boards. I was around students, who not only helped me in creating story lines and dialogue for the series about Alex Schuler and his friends the Presidents of the United States, but was reminded that most students have no clue […]