Why Learn Math?

For many years, I volunteered in schools coaching sports, teaching Jr. Achievement, and sitting on school boards. I was around students, who not only helped me in creating story lines and dialogue for the series about Alex Schuler and his friends the Presidents of the United States, but was reminded that most students have no clue why they attend school. Why learn math or any other subject. You’ll never use it again. Right? I use algebraic equations or middle school math every time I evaluate a building in my commercial real estate career. My love for history in school was one reason for me wanting to write about Alex and the Presidents.

Having attended Catholic School, had a bearing on me creating Caeles Novo and his soul stealers. The color wheel learned in kindergarten helps me every time I work on a photograph. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the next time your child, grandchild, relative, neighbor or friend think that school is a waste of time, let them know that you will apply your lessons on a daily basis. They’re hidden in real estate problems, freshly written chapters in your latest book, and even a photograph of the Grand Tetons. I preached to students that you go to school to learn how to learn.

Now that I’ve spent the last several years  becoming a novelist, I never could have done it without my accounting classes from LaSalle, which taught me how to create a budget, or math skills, which are applied in photography. The same photography skills that led me to learning Photoshop, which taught be how to learn Dreamweaver, which allowed me to create my web page and ideas for book covers.

Lastly, thank you to those who have offered advice on the current book I am writing about Townsend Seeger, the serial killer from Palm Beach. I’m close to 70% finished the first draft and 30% done with the first draft in the 4th in the series with Alex and the Presidents.   Thanks for reading,   Mike Cantwell, CCIM

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