Alex Schuler received a special gift for his 10th birthday.
A book written by all the Presidents of the United States.
The book was "borrowed" from the Oval Office by Alex's grandfather.
When Alex reads from the book all the Presidents come alive,
at least to Alex.
He has to deal with Martin Van Buren telling Alex to read more
and Thomas Jefferson tending to the back yard rose garden.
Alex also has to deal with his brother, who has returned from
San Francisco as a "Dead Head" and his girl friend Stargazer.
Life as a ten year old is never easy.


Alex has entered high school and is running for freshman class president.
He's running against Wendy Newman, the girl who insists on being Alex's
girl friend. Alex turns to Harry Truman for a few tips on how to win elections when being the underdog.
Meet new characters that surround their early high school years.
One last problem that Alex must deal with, the past presidents only
know what they knew when they were alive.
Alex meets George Washington when George fought for the British.
Alex must explain the powers of the presidency to the first president.
Alex and his best friend Bruce have started a garage band.
Wendy wants to join the band, but Alex has a different female
in mind for the band.
The presidents return and share their thoughts on playing
musical instruments and other stories.
Alex and his friends also learn the hard lessons of being high
school students. A few new characters arrive, one who can't live
in a world without Kurt Cobain.AmazonKindleflatlogos2